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Community Investment Program and Little Cree Books

Pixel Blue College has been educating students in digital media since 1999. From the beginning the school has been focused on giving back to the community through its Community Investment Program. The Community Investment Program began as a way for students to work with non-profit agencies and to donate their professional-quality media work, such as Branding, 3D Animation, 2D Illustration, Sound Production, 2D Animation, and Web Design projects to community organizations. It has been a win-win: the students have real-world experience and production work for their portfolios and the non-profits have the benefit of the guidance of Pixel Blue professionals. Over the years the program has grown to include discounted rates for non-profit organizations through Pixel Blue Studio and a continuation of the in-class Community Investment Program.

Every project gives Pixel Blue the opportunity to advance the image of local non-profit organizations. Non-profits benefit by keeping their funds to use at the community level, helping the people who need it most. Pixel Blue is able to offer non-profit organization professional corporate branding, website design and development, audio production, and 2D and 3D broadcast animation.

Curtis Greenland, President of Pixel Blue College, commented, “Our relationship with Little Cree Books is just beginning and our students are very excited to be participating. It is such a rare pleasure to be able to work with an organization that is preserving a language. The Cree language could eventually become extinct due to the lack of oral tradition in today’s society. Our students will take the already-written stories and provide illustrations to accompany the text. As well, we will be assisting with layout of the books before they are converted to eBooks. The people working with Little Cree Books are so passionate about this project that we expect this project to be long term and extend over several intakes at Pixel Blue College.”

About Pixel Blue

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