Volunteers are at the core of the Little Cree Books project! A huge thank-you goes out to everyone who has invested their time, skills, and expertise in support of spreading the Cree language (nehiyawewin).

In an edit made in January 2021, we have decided, for the privacy of our contributors—who provided biographical information in 2013—that we would remove personal information and instead extend our gratitude using first names only. Digital privacy is an emerging concern, and we want to ensure that contributors who we have since lost contact with are honoured while still having their personal details protected.

To Aretha, Matt, Cynthia, Tashina, Dave, Zenith, Laura, Lewis, and Luce, as well as Mary, Jerry, and Dorothy: thank you for your enthusiasm, encouragement, and contributions to this hopeful little idea. May your work be the seeds of future fruits. I offer my sincerest gratitude.