WAYK Cree: Session 5

We were sort of all over the place in our 5th session, but I feel okay about that. Only Lorna, Dereck, and I (Caylie) were able to make it.

Prior to the session, I had known that I wanted to cover -ihk/-ohk/-ˆhk, but I later added two other elements, -nohte- and -itohte-. This is sort of how it went:

The three of us did a TQ: no-pressure refresher of



I then set up a bucket for -ihk/-ohk/-ˆhk. Now, this is a relatively easy grammatical element to learn, but I also find that, as a native English speaker, it’s tough to understand just exactly what -ihk/-ohk/-ˆhk covers. I was taught that it’s a “locative”; it indicates that something is “at the…,” “in the…,” “from the…,” “near the…,” etc. 

tohtôsâpoy maskihkiwâpôhk.

maskihkiwâpoy minihkwewîyâkanisihk.

The Building Walk, Part II

kinohtehitohtân cî kapesiw’kamikohk?

 eha, ninohtehitohtân kapesiw’kamikohk.

kinohtehitohtân cî ayamihew’kamikohk?

 eha, ninohtehitohtân ayamihew’kamikohk.

kinohtehitohtân cî sônîyâw’kamikohk?

 eha, ninohtehitohtân sônîyâw’kamikohk.

kinohtehitohtân cî mîcisow’kamikohk?

 eha, ninohtehitohtân mîcisow’kamikohk.

“Glue words”